How we think, feel, and operate at Battalion. 




Battalion Barbell was founded with the purpose of bringing drug-free powerlifting to more people.

As defined below, Battalion seeks to form a community around the sport that has given us so much. 

Our primary aim is to educate, empower and have fun. 


    • a large organized group of people pursuing a common aim.
      synonyms:crowd, army, mob, throng, horde, swarm, multitude, herd, host, mass, drove, large number
      "a battalion of women promoting the latest perfumes"

L S Mcclain.  "Mind,Body,Spirit.....LET'S EAT!"

L S Mcclain.

"Mind,Body,Spirit.....LET'S EAT!"


Battalion asked L S McClain. regarding community and fun, what is powerlifting to you? 

For me Powerlifting is all about the relationships you make and the lives you touch and encounter as you work to be a better lifter. We are bonded through our passion for strength but are made a family as a result of love for the sport and culture.
— L S McClain (93kg IPF World Champion 2017)

Thank you for your words L S! We could not agree more.